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Mac Os / Chrome - open browse dialog for upload in a locked path
posted by Tamas Pataki  on April 26, 2018, 8:26 a.m. (10 months, 21 days ago)
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Using Mac, and Chrome browser, when I'm on a page where I would need to upload a file (let say attache to an email) it will always open the folder I have used the last time.

Is it possible to change this behaviour and when I open this dialog alway start from the desktop or any pre-set location?I want to force the user to find the path manually every time, even if is the same location, to ensure it is not mistaken with other folders in case they have the same name.

I know the download behave differently and that I can change in the application as default download path.

Do you aware if this can be done? I'm not even sure if is OS or application specific.