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Need a Network Systems / GPU Specialist - Machine/Deep Learning StartUp
posted by TClark  on May 22, 2018, 5:26 p.m. (7 months, 26 days ago)
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I need a Network Systems / GPU Specialist -  Machine/Deep Learning  StartUp  


Job Details

 If you are a Network Systems / GPU Specialist  with experience, please read on!

What You Will Be Doing

Based in Sunny San Diego, we are one of the most heavily funded Medical AI and Deep Learning Start Ups. An acclaimed team of researchers and seasoned executives helm our amazing team. We work out of pristine offices and state of the art research facilities near one the state's top universities! Our commitment to sustained success starts with our people, we put our people first and we consider every member of our team to be part of our growing family. The Network Systems / GPU Specialist will report directly to Senior Executives, and will play a crucial role to architect a high performance computing and storage framework. Inaddittion, you will Architect and Manage the company network.  If you are looking to join a supportive team culture, and usher ground breaking medical AI/ML/DL into the world, then please read on!

What You Need for this Position

At Least 3 Years of experience and knowledge of:

- WAN/LAN/Cloud Network Management and Architecture
- Architect and Manage GPU Render/Cluster Farms/ NVIDA
- Network and System Capacity Planning and Forecasting 
- Develop Network and System Standard Operations & Procedures (SOP) and Best Practices Documentation
- Network Configuration and Bandwidth Planning and Plan Execution
- Network and Data Security Implementation
- Knowledge of IT Security Standards / Network Configuration Compliance
- High-Performance Computing (HPC) 
- Train and Advise Personnel
- A thirst for knowledge

Desired Experience with:
- Big /Massive Data Storage & Network Management*
- Computer Programming Languages ( Python, C++, Java...)

What's In It for You

- Competitive Salary !
- Complete and Comprehensive Benefits Package! 
- Quarterly Team Events!
- Paid Vacation, Sick Time and PTO!
- State of the Art Office Space!
- Close to Beach
- Top Rated Dining and Nightlife nearby! So, if you are a Network Systems /GPU Specialist with experience, please apply today!


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Response from TClark @ May 22, 2018, 5:46 p.m.


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Response from Jake Warken @ May 22, 2018, 5:42 p.m.

Please ping me @ jake.warken@gpltech.com with the best means to respond to this directly..

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