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posted by Julian Firminger  on June 19, 2018, 3:30 a.m. (9 months ago)
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(continued from Slack)
Is any Isilon site out there using Scale Logic (or any 3rd party) for extended warranty / support services?
Frankly their pitch and certainly their quote seem too good to be true. And we all know what things that seem to be too good to be true are usually...
I get worried when you Google-Maps "Scale Logic Europe" and you get a photo like this:

Julian Firminger

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Response from RupertChandler @ June 19, 2018, 5:23 a.m.

Hi Julian,

First time in my life I've been described as too good to be true.

The picture is our the office that we have a suite within, our European support works from this suite, 2 Dutchmen, 1 Hungarian and a Russian they support mainly our own HyperFS systems. In Europe there is also Iva in Italy and me in UK.

We an American HQ in Minnesota where we have around 40 people working on testing, design, manufacture and management of course, we also have a global spread of developers and partners also working on HyperFS etc. The testing lab in Bloomington is shared openly with many ISV's to test and prove M&E hardware and software solutions as a service to the industry and our clients.

On the support provision side we have very long established support partners just like Isilon/EMC, etc who enable us to support systems on a global basis.

These are companies that share our approach to service and quality and strict adherence to promises made, they are companies that we are willing to trust our reputation too. In the example of Isilon support we have a single partner and we are their single largest client in terms of value and sales, we use this position to provide our clients with best pricing and service level.

At the end of the day all support services are now provided with cross shared resources so its a matter of how these are accessed and how much they will cost, in the case of our friends at Isilon support is used as a tool to drive sales, after 3 years its deliberately made so expensive you may as well buy new, this is their proposition. We take pretty much the same support structure and charge a realistic price, given its not in our case a sales driver, so we are on average 50% cheaper. Same chocolates inside, just a different wrapper.

Any support provider is only as good as its reputation, we trade purely on our repuation as a supplier of support services and our ability to keep our promises without these we have nothing so we take these promises VERY seriously.

Now I'd be derelicting my duties if i didn't, so...

Anyone interested in saving 50% on their Isilon support costs please contact me: rupert@scalelogic.eu | +441672600139



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