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731 North La Brea Hollywood CA 90038
731 North La Brea Hollywood CA 90038
  Asking Price: 1500

Hollywood, California, United States

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FOR LEASE: 3 room office area in Melrose District. One room with 10 seat Solid Oak conference room and table (20 feet by 10 feet), one room for edit bays or work areas (17 feet by 15 feet), and one from entrance room for another set of work stations or edit bays (17 feet by 14 feet). Key code entry on street level and key code access to 3 room office. Full two stack server racks with dual redundant 5000AMP UPS systems. PRIME location along La Brea Avenue. CONTACT Joerg-Ulrich Mohnen directly for lease terms and visitation (310) 951-7331.  $1500 per month plus shared utilities.

This posting was last updated on April 14, 2017