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WekaIO helps companies manage, scale and futureproof their data center so they can solve real problems that impact the world. WekaIO Matrix™, the world’s fastest shared parallel file system and WekaIO’s flagship product, leapfrogs legacy storage infrastructures by delivering simplicity, scale, and performance density per U for a fraction of the cost. In the cloud or on-premises, WekaIO’s NVMe-native high-performance software-defined storage solution removes the barriers between the data and the compute layer, thus accelerating artificial intelligence, machine learning, genomics, research, and analytics workloads.

Production and post-production facilities share common challenges dealing with ever-increasing file sizes, shorter timelines, and tighter budgets. To be successful, these organizations realize that to better utilize their computing and storage systems, they need to consolidate silos into a common shared infrastructure and manage the explosion of data more effectively. WekaIO Matrix is a flexible, high performance, scalable storage solution that is ideally suited to address these challenges.

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