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Light Point Security
5523 Research Park Dr. Suite 130
Baltimore, Maryland, United States 21228





Founded by National Security Agency cybersecurity veterans, Light Point Security pioneered the concept of remote browser isolation to protect organizations from browser-based attacks without impacting user experience. The company’s flagship product is an MPAA-compliant web browsing solution that isolates web content out of your content production network in a seamless and easy to use way. Its power, seamlessness, and high performance allow it to be used for all personal and work-related web browsing, and is the perfect solution to meet the MPAA Content Security Best Practice guideline on blocking internet access on the production network.

The product also offers features that simplify the TPN assessment process, like file download and upload policy enforcement, copy/paste policy enforcement, and seamless downloads to your data IO stations.

For more information visit https://lightpointsecurity.com or email sales@lightpointsecurity.com.